Tech Week: Day Three and Day Four

Day Three:

Lots of printing, scanning, licking, and stamping to get our programmes all ready to be handed out in time for Friday. Our programmes were sealed in an envelope with a letter from a member of the company to tell them about our process for the show. The letters were a way of communication to our audience, like the solider and their loves ones did. I feel as though it is a personal thing in which is slowly fading our due to different types of media such as Facebook, Twitter etc. And it is up to them whether they keep or throw away the letters after, at least they have experienced a part of our company’s process. After five hours, our programme machine came to an end. Then it was onto completing the rest of our bunting making. Louise was on her sewing machine, Charlotte was placing all the triangles in the correct place to be sewn and the rest of us was folding it up and debating where to place it on stage and in the front of house.

photo 1 (1) photo 2 (1) photo 3 (1)photo 5 (1)

Day Four:

Four our production team is was there final checks and whether we had all the correct cues and sound tracks in the right place in our master script. Even then, the production manager and myself went over the script a couple of times to make sure nothing had been forgotten and for it make sense because not only was it myself that was calling the show, so was the rest of the company.


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