We are committed to creating REAL theatre. Honest theatre. Truthful theatre. Theatre that uses real people’s voices. We want to give history the chance to speak again. We strive to create theatre that has the local essence at its heart. We want to uncover the lost and forgotten documents that are stored away, in your attics, archives and annex’s. Using the old and peppering it with youthful interpretation creates a form of theatre that taps into a niche gap in the theatrical world. Being an all-female company does not limit us, it defines us. We are story-tellers, we are upcyclers and we are documentary makers. We are all performers. We are all technicians. We are a collaboration!


2 thoughts on “Manifesto

    • Hello Shane,
      As you can see we are still in the development stages of creating our theatre company, and also the devising process for our final production. However, we are looking at verbatim to make our theatre as truthful as possible. We believe it adds an honest and genuine essence that the audience can relate too. We want to reuse the research and information we gather throughout the devising process and incorporate it in our final production, and what better way to do it than to use verbatim. It lets the truth speak for itself.
      I hope this answers your questions. Please do not hesitate to get into contact with us.
      Emily Cox

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