Current Expenditure

They say money makes the world go around and, as the producer, it is my job to keep on top of the company’s finances and I do this by keeping detailed sheets of where all the money is being spent.


Golby (2014) Spread Sheets and Receipts.

At the start of the process I made a preliminary budget sheet which gave each section of our expenditure, a budget. You can see this here. Now, as we are well in to the project and are coming in to the final month, it is vital that I keep an eye on how much we are spending and where it is being spent. This is to ensure we do not go over our budget of £266.66. You can see how we have currently spent our money here.

 You will be able to see that we have currently underspent on Marketing and Audience Development, Technical Support and Disposables, yet have over spent by £12 on Artistic Spending. The under and over expenditure have levelled themselves out and, as long as I continue to keep an eye on the budget, I believe we will spend our budget to the penny, or even underspend.

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Golby, Jessica (2014) Spread Sheets an Receipts.

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