The cogs are turning…

From the very first time I played some factory noises to the Birdies to the tightly choreographed scene we have today I wanted to reflect back and show just how many layers and developments the scene has taken and why.

Here are the birds after listening to real cotton mill factory sounds and responding to the material in their own way. Half way through I played Booker T and The MG’s ‘Soul Limbo’ to see how the upbeat, “salsa-ry” music would effect their mannerisms, actions and characters. Watch for how the whole mood in the room changes:

(Emily Cox, March 2014)

From this playful and spontaneous style of factory routine, as choreographer, I considered how the women who worked on the home front in the factories might have behaved and acted emotionally and physically. They had a huge amount of responsibility in the work force their jobs propelled the industrial war machine forward and were crucial to the success of those men on the front line. Consequently, I felt that by making a far more structured and military factory routine it would represent the women and their roles to much better effect.

(Lucy Brown, April 2014)

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