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Ours was the fen country by Dan Canham struck us all as a piece that we could us in our own show. The way he used verbaitum voices from the fens and used the nautral rhythms from their voices to create beats to dance to really inspired us and our work. I loved the way that they faded up the actual voice to the actors speaking the words because it made the performance come alive. Also the way Canham used the rhythms of the fen country voices to create movement gave an intertextual element to the piece, providing the piece with layers; the pre recorded, the live voice and dance.


Another piece that provided our theatre company with inspiration was Michael Pinchbeck’s piece The Trilogy (Michael-Programme-Guide-Web) who looked at the past present and future self. It inspired me through use of the text and the way Pinchbeck approached different elements into his piece.


Michael Pinchbeck Performance|Physical/visual theatre|Devised theatre Photograph taken by Julian Hughes

Pinchbeck used a live feed so the audience could read what was written on the cards, it was commical and allowed the audience to become a part of the satire. Pinchbeck also stripped back the stage so it was a bare space, the actors filling the space with props and tech equipment.
They put the tech on stage which gace them the ability to control the internal elements; repeating sound cues, enabling microphones. Having the tech on stage allowed them to have a lot more control over their piece and this is something we are interested in taking forward in our own piece.

We talked in our last rehearsal about the prospect of his a live feed and what advantages it would have for our own work. We also love the idea of stripping back the stage so it is bare, this would be to create a sense of honesty in out piece. Honesty in our piece is important because we are telling the stories of the past and we are not hiding anything in our staging it is bare and visable for all to see.

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