Social Media Marketing, a performance within itself.

‘mediatisation is now explicitly and implicitly embedded within the live experience’
(Auslander 1999, p.35)

Throughout this performance I have been in charge of┬árunning our social media sites, documenting our progress and developing how our company have been viewed by the public. This is because ‘social media marketing via the internet is not only a trend, but also becomes a necessity for theatres striving to have their voices heard in an increasingly crowded entertainment world’ (Peter 2010, p.8). ┬áThese images, videos and snippets of information have been vital as they reveal important information and insights into what we are doing and are performances within themselves therefore, they need to be relevant, content appropriate and most of all a clear reflection of ourselves as a company.
Along this journey I have created links with the Imperial War Museum Partnership, Culture 24, The Lincolnshire Life Museum, the Lincolnshire Archives and numerous schools. It is crucial to develop business to business relationships as these are invaluable when taking a project further.

Below are images of the bunting I hand-made and the sites I have managed to promote from.

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