Dear Residents

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Dear Reader,

Here are a Few Clips Ellie and I recorded in the Care Centre.

Residents Talking of their good and bad experiences of the war.

Today Ellie and I went to visit the people in the East Holme residential care centre to hear their stories and see if it could inspire our piece especially seeing as it is research and development stage.

The stories of these people were beautiful and melted our hearts. A common theme seemed to be how

‘No one ever talked about the war’

The topic of war was painful for a lot of the residents to talk about, they were more then happy to share stories of family members returning and riding on tanks and their fathers returning from war. However, losing members or having them not return brought some of the members to tears, this was hard for Ellie and I to experience but gave us an understanding of how sensitive the issue was for all of the people we talked to and potential audience members.

Even though the residents found it hard they shared their stories and were so excited at the prospect of coming to see it because it was the stories they had told us, and we were giving their words a stage.

Yours Sincerely



One thought on “Dear Residents

  1. Ellie Coleridge
    May 20, 2014 at 11:54 am

    It was such a bitter sweet experience wasn’t it? It was really lovely hearing the stories they had to tell but I agree the hardest part was seeing how painful it was for them recalling their parents stories and relating them to their own experiences during the Second World War. Would you have approached meeting the residents any differently now we have hindsight and experience on our side?

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