Taking the Social Media Reign

The Social web is an oasis

(Evans 2008, p. 15)

Now, I have been involved with marketing a lot throughout my three year degree in Lincoln so you would think being in charge of the social media for a few days would be like a second nature. Wrong! Emily has gone home for the Easter holidays and so I have taken the reigns of the oasis that is Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. I am not the best with networking sights and the pressure really has been on as Emily is so good at it.

I became very ‘snap happy’ taking photos of everything the birds did and videoed all the singing and dancing that happened from multiple angles and with various filters. Okay, so maybe I went a tad overboard but hey, you can never know too much about our fabulous show! (Great plug there for you all)!

Here are a few of the snaps I took throughout my three day reign…

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One thought on “Taking the Social Media Reign

  1. Emily Elizabeth Cox
    April 23, 2014 at 10:59 am

    Lauren you were an absolute star! I am so grateful for all the work you put in an the images look amazing. (And there is nothing wrong with a shameless plug!)

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