Waltzing through life

The Waltz we know today began its development at the beginning of WW1 when the Boston, an American dance brought over to England, began to evolve into both the classic English Waltz and the ‘more theatrical’ (Ballroom Dancers, 2014) American Waltz. Originally the English Waltz was a ‘step, step, close’ (Dance Universe, 2014) eventually changing to ‘step, side, shut’ (Dance Universe, 2014) in the late 1920s which is still used today.

Downs, 2008

The Waltz is danced in a slow 3/4 time signature with a basic step consisting of a forward step, side step and a close all on the beat. The first step on the strong beat is a fall, followed by two rises to the beat
    2    3      2    3
1            1             and so on.

BBC, 2014

For our performance we are concentrating on the basic step, the Natural and Reverse turns and Whisk and Chasse. They may be fairly simple in their technique but when executed correctly they are very effective and beautiful to look at, especially the Whisk and Chasse.

Long, 2011

The Waltz is now a classic ballroom dance synonymous with romance and reserved love as opposed to the passion of the Tango as characterised in films such as Moulin Rouge (2001). The strict rhythm and movement of the Waltz makes it an excellent beginner’s dance.

I love Waltzing, its strong steps make me feel graceful and elegant even with limited dance experience.  It also feels like I am carrying on a family tradition as my Grandparents were Ballroom Dancing teachers in the 1950s.

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2 thoughts on “Waltzing through life

  1. I appreciate the “even with limited dance experience” comment there Louise, most definitely aimed at the likes of me! I feel elegant and graceful when i am 1-2-3ing 🙂

    • Haha, I meant that in a good way. As a company we’ve only been learning the Waltz for a few weeks but the speed with which everyone’s picked up the different techniques is amazing! I’m glad it makes you feel graceful too! 🙂

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