Dear Dora…

Dear Reader,

Our main focus as a theatre company as you can tell from the title is letters. As Bird’s Eye View Theatre are celebrating the centenary we delved into the archives (I now have my own membership) and found old letters sent from loved ones from Billie to Dora and from Harry to Alice, we were excited by the prospect of holding these old letters and falling in love with these characters of the past and their stories Ellie, Louise and I were shocked at the amount of history we could hold in our hands, actual letters that were sent that talked of the stonebow in Lincoln and Barclays bank,places that as students we walk past every day and now they have some hidden history and  story that we can share.We desperately wanted to give history a stage and let voices of the forgotten past be remembered.

We found some amazing things in the archieves including embroided post cards that the soilders either bought or made and sent them to loved ones.

forget me not

Forget Me Not Mooney. C (2014) Taken in the archives

The Birds also had the pleasure of Louise and Lauren’s grandparents checking in their attics and finding lots of old embroided post cards which made the whole experience feel a little bit more real. Touching the cards that were passed through so many hands in WW1 made it a little bit eerie but made the Birds feel like we as a company were beginning to become apart of bringing the stories to life.

Yours Sincerely



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