‘In the beginning…’ ~ Pinchbeck

Starting the process of setting up a Theatre Company is not an easy task! However, I feel we have begun our journey with positive footing. I believe we have gelled well as a group and share the same ideas and direction in terms of where we want this process to go.

‘The Trilogy’ (2014) [Online] at forestfringe.co.uk/edinburgh2013/artist/michael-pinchbeck/

Right from the off we delved into opportunities that inspire us and upon watching Michael Pinchbeck’s outstanding performance, The Trilogy came together buzzing with ideas to use for our own piece of work. The initial groundwork and basis of our ideas can be seen in the manifesto (you should take a look if you haven’t already), this was an important part of creating our theatre company because it gave us an aim for our current project and of course for future projects we undergo.


This word is key for our process, inspiration is all around us and we are fortunate to be a Lincolnshire based Theatre Company, due to the historical relevance that it lends to our performance idea. We hope at the end of this process to create a performance that looks into the role of women within the First World War. Much to our delight we found out that the first ever tank used in the war was built right here in Lincoln, and fortunately for us a replica still stands at the Museum of Lincolnshire Life. So of course the only thing to do was to have a field trip!

Flirt II

(Ford, 04/02/2014) Flirt II

She was beautiful, named Flirt II and to top it off she was built by women as part of the war effort. This along with other stories of women in the war such as ‘the canary girls’ and munitions workers put us in good standing for going further with our ideas and beginning to move forward with our performance piece.

All in all these first initial workshops, meetings and outings have really got us excited for what’s to come and how much we can do as a Theatre Company for our first performance to make our mark in the industry.

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