“To start with it’s the script and by the end it’s the set.”


Pinchbeck, 2013

After watching Michael Pinchbeck’s, The Trilogy at the Lincoln Performing Arts Centre on Thursday 30th January, I related The End to our process the most. The performance was inspired by one line of stage direction found in William Shakespeare’s The Winter’s Tale, which was “Exit pursued by a bear”. 

Pinchbeck 2011

As Michael Pinchbeck states in this video:

“We have these cards, which contains the text, which we drop. So to start with it’s the script and by the end it’s the set” (2011 online).

This is how I believe our theatre company’s performance will be fabricated. After discussing what our performance theme would be, we decided to base it on war as this year it is The First World War Centenary. Due to our highly factual and unmistakably emotional topic we were incredibly fascinated by having recorded interviews, photos, music anything that could make the performance feel real and use it as our set. Whether it was used as a projection, printed photographs or a montage of sound it would all accumulate together to become our set.

Rose, M (2009) The Book About Death

Rose, M (2009) The Book About Death

This process reminds me of an art installation called A Book About Death, it’s not the content that I can reflect upon but I can with the process. Artists were invited to contribute a 500 postcards to create an unbound book. 486 artists responded to the request and A Book About Death was installed at The Emily Harvey Gallery in New York city on September 10, 2009. These small images were installed on a white wall while the remaining postcards were in large boxes on the gallery floor and visitors to create their own version of the unbound book.  It reveals how we have no idea what we are going to get from researching this project and how our final performance can be ideas taken from any little fact we uncover or a moment we enjoyed in devising.

Our next step is to research into Lincoln’s involvement during the war, we will be visiting The Museum of Lincolnshire Life tomorrow, where they have an authentic World War One tank.

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