The making of our cyc

Over the past week or so, we have started collating props and set to aid us in our rehearsals. Things such as bed sheets and brooms for the cotton mill factory scene and bunting for us to hang at the beginning of the performance.

Yesterday, I managed to create our very own projection screen! To be honest it was quite therapeutic. I sewed two large double flat sheets together on my machine sewing and now it is all complete and ready to be hung for our working progress.

Here is the process so far below:















Now the screen is complete we can now focus on what sort of beautiful photos we can project onto it. The company have been thinking of images such as men during the war in the trenches, poppies etc. We have also found a beautiful photo of Louise’s Great Grandma which we are going to be using during a section of Louise’s verbatim. Louise will be representing herself as a ghost image of her Grandma.

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