Moving, beautiful, simple…

I have been completely moved by the news of the new art installation that will be opening up in August of this year. The “Sea of Poppies” as it has been named in the Telegraph. I adore art, it is one of my guilty pleasures and the simplicity of this soon-to-be stunning piece will be breath-taking.


Telegraph (2014)

900,000 beautiful ceramic poppies.

Each one resembling a British or Colonial soldier who lost their life in the war.

They will then fill the moat that surrounds the Tower of London.

This installation was developed from Mr Cummins, who usually makes these beautiful ceramic flowers for garden ornaments. It was revealed that he took the title of the installation from a will made in the trenches by an unnamed soldier from Derby. Mr Cummins stated that:

“I read through an archive of the wills and came across one written by a man who said everyone he knew had been killed. He wrote of ‘blood swept lands and seas of red, where angels dare to tread’ (Telegraph 2014, online).

These beautiful works of art will fill the entire moat, creating a sea of red, a sea of loss, a sea of epic emotion.

Image and works cited from:
Telegraph (2014) [Accessed: 16/05/2014]


One thought on “Moving, beautiful, simple…

  1. Ellen Louise Pearson
    May 16, 2014 at 11:23 pm

    That’s a beautiful way of commemorating the soldiers who died and preserving their memory. And all the poppies will raise so much money to all the charities too. I love how you put it ‘a sea of red. A sea of loss, a sea of epic emotion’, very poignant and beautiful.

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